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Robert Bencivenga

Cove Sports Academy welcomes Robert Bencivenga D.C.

About the Doctor

Dr. Robert Bencivenga is a Sports Chiropractor that specializes in shoulder complaints, but treats all types of injuries that may occur on the field, court, ice etc. He utilizes a Revolutionary Soft Tissue Therapy called ACTIVE RELEASE TECHNIQUE (ART). ART is the #1 Soft Tissue Technique used in Professional and Collegiate sports to allow Athletes to optimize health, take their athletic ability to new heights, or recover from injuries even quicker.  

Dr. Rob understands how devastating an injury can be physically as well as mentally on the athlete and their family. He was diagnosed with a shoulder complaint in 10th grade that Orthopedic Surgeons and Physical Therapists could not diagnose or correct. He was finally referred to a chiropractor that performed Active Release Therapy and he was the only person that understood his condition. The Doctor revealed Scar Tissuehad built up on his Rotator Cuff and was causing decreased Range of Motion, Pain, and Compensation/Recruitment of other muscles. Within 4 visits of ART, Dr. Rob not only was out of pain, but gained 5 mph on his Velocity due to the scar tissue that was no longer limiting his throwing motion. He wants to share his life changing experience with you to recover from, or even prevent injuries before they turn into something worse.  

Chiropractic and ART for the Entire Family: 

Chiropractic and ART is not limited to just Athletes, but EVERYONE that suffers from acute or chronic injuries. ChiroCORE is a fully functioning Family Practice that treats patients from 0-120 years young! From post-surgical cases to muscle pulls, the combination of chiropractic and ART can resolve injuries faster than just one technique alone. Rather than just sitting around for your son/daughter to be done with their training session, you can now come in for an Evaluation or Treatment while you wait!  


Dr. Rob has worked in a Multidisciplinary setting with Physical Therapists, Medical Doctors, Surgeons, Acupuncturists, and Massage Therapists to help the patient get better as quickly as possible. He has also worked with athletes of all skill levels from high school, amateur, and professional; most recently the New York Islanders.

Services Offered at ChiroCORE Chiropractic: 

Chiropractic Adjustments, Active Release Technique, Electric Stimulation, Heat/Cryotherapy, Therapeutic Exercises, KT Taping, Nutritional Supplements and Counseling and much more!

Call to Schedule and Become A ChiroCORE Champion Today!

Phone: 516-277-1586

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